Concerned About Someone?

We often hear from partners, parents, family members and friends who are concerned about someone else’s drinking or drug use.

You may experience a whole range of conflicting emotions:

  • Anxiety about the person’s health
  • Anger that they won’t seek help
  • Exhaustion and frustration
  • Fear about the future

You can kickstart the process of change by seeking specialist support counselling yourself.

We can help you to:

  • Deepen your understanding of the ways addiction and recovery work
  • Create strong support systems that help maintain sobriety or reduced use
  • Establish boundaries around acceptable behaviours (all family members)
  • Explore, express and resolve any distressing feelings
  • Learn self-care and stress-reduction techniques
  • Identify and resolve relationship issues
  • Develop effective coping strategies

Some people experience a sense of relief, but for others there may be a period of grief and confusion.  It is very common for strong emotions to surface during alcohol or drug recovery, for everyone affected.