Workplace Counselling

Employment legislation requires organisations to exhibit a duty of care to all employee’s.

As Employer’s for you to be able to provide access to Workplace Counselling offers employee’s a safe, confidential place to talk about anything that may be affecting their life which is resulting in the misuse of substance’s, anxiety or depression.

Counselling is available on the NHS, unfortunately with a long waiting list.  Making Workplace Counselling an option to many employers.

Workplace Counselling is extra assistance for managers, to have the ability to refer employee’s to professional care when they are unable to help with a more complex or personal problems.

How Can we Help Your Employee’s AND Your Business?

  • Help and support both present and absent employee’s get back to working with confidence and ease.
  • One to one counselling / group counselling –  to suit each specific client
  • Courses on: Stress Management, Depression, Anxiety, Wellbeing , Conflict Management and Mindfulness Based Replace Prevention.
  • Counselling can be held in house at your organisation or at any of our office’s.

As Workplace Counsellor’s we are member’s of the professional association BACP

(British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy)

BACP is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority, which means that it meets high standards in respect of governance, standard setting, education and training, management, complaints and information.

BACP members are bound by the association’s highly regarded ethical framework for good practice in counselling and psychotherapy and are subject to it’s professional conduct procedure.

Please do get in touch to talk to us more about how we can help your business and tailor to the needs of your employee’s.